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Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a clinically led organisation, formed during 2012 as part of the changes brought about in the NHS under the Health and Social Care Act. The CCG worked with its Governing Body and GP members to achieve formal authorisation with no conditions. The organisation was, therefore, deemed fully fit to take on its new responsibilities from 1 April 2013. Walsall CCG is now responsible for buying and managing the majority of healthcare services for the borough. 


Equality Act Information

Read our equality and diversity strategy, our objectives, and a summary of activity during the last year – plus a detailed look at Urgent Care.

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Freedom of Information

The FOIA came into force during 2005. The Act applies to all public authorities with the aim to make information available to any person on request.

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Get involved

Your views are at the heart of every commissioning decision we make and help us to evaluate health services effectively. 

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