Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest and Gifts and Hospitality

Walsall CCG work to ensure that we are transparent, effective, ethical and implement open decision making.  A large part of making sure this takes place is ensuring that we manage conflicts of interest that may arise.  We are also committed to managing our gifts and hospitality effectively in accordance with the most recent NHS England guidance. 

Conflict of Interest

A Conflict of interest can be defined as a situation that arises when a person has a particular interest or loyalties that could be seen to affect their decision making at work.  For example the CCG may wish to commission a service within a GP practice; this would mean that there would be a financial interest in becoming the provider of the service.  Practice members would have to declare an interest as it could appear that they favoured the decision because of a financial gain.  

Individuals will declare any interests they have as soon as they are aware of it and in any event no later than 28 days after becoming aware.

Managing Conflict of Interest

All members of the CCG Governing Body and CCG staff must declare any interests that they have; these are then recorded in the Register of Interests. The CCG register of interests is maintained by the Governance Team and will remain on the public register for a minimum of six months.

If you require past registers of interest, Please contact Serena Ellis: Serena.Ellis2@nhs.net or call 01922 618318. You can also speak to our Conflict of Interest Guardian, Manjit Jhooty by emailing m.jhooty@nhs.net 

Full details of the process for managing conflicts of interest can be found in the Management of Conflict of Interest Policy pdf Managing Conflict of Interest Policy (August 2017) (748 KB)

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