Declaration of Interests - 2017/2018

Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group acknowledges that every member of the Governing Body declares an interest, as the GPs are a member of their own practice.

We are pleased to report that there have been no breaches of the conflict of interest policy (2017/2018 to date).

All of the CCG’s governing body members, GP members, employees, and any other individuals who act on the CCG’s behalf regularly update a declaration of interest form. Members will also raise any emerging issues or specific interests at the start of meetings, including Governing Body Meetings.


Governing Body 2017 18

GP Memberships 17 18GP Memberships 17 18

Staff 17 18

Commitees 17 18

Gift & Hospitality Register

Management of COI policy August 17

Declaration Of Interest Form

Policy for Commercial Sponsorship and Joint Working with Pharmaceutical Industry July 17

Conflict of Interest

Walsall CCG work to ensure that we are transparent, effective, ethical and implement open decision making.  A large part of making sure this takes place is ensuring that we manage conflicts of interest that may arise.  We are also committed to managing our gifts and hospitality effectively in accordance with the most recent NHS England guidance.

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