Folder Information Governance

pdf Best Practice Guidelines Download (pdf, 294 KB)
pdf Corporate Records Policy Download (pdf, 1.19 MB)
pdf Data Breach Policy and Procedure Download (pdf, 411 KB)
pdf Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy Download (pdf, 550 KB)
pdf Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Download (pdf, 437 KB)
pdf Data Quality Policy Download (pdf, 321 KB)
pdf Development and Management of Procedural Documents Policy Download (pdf, 921 KB)
pdf Freedom of Information Act 2000 Policy Download (pdf, 699 KB)
pdf Information Governance Management Framework Download (pdf, 712 KB)
pdf Information Governance Policy Download (pdf, 559 KB)
pdf Information Governance Strategy and Improvement Plan Download (pdf, 437 KB)
pdf Information Management & Technology Policy Download (pdf, 1.77 MB)
pdf Information Security & Access Control Policy Download (pdf, 281 KB)
pdf Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care 2016 Download (pdf, 958 KB)
pdf Registration Authority Policy Download (pdf, 643 KB)
pdf Risk Management Framework Download (pdf, 1.01 MB)
pdf Safe Haven Policy Download (pdf, 451 KB)
pdf Staff Code of Conduct on Confidentiality of Information Download (pdf, 375 KB)
pdf Subject Access Request Policy Download (pdf, 313 KB)
pdf Subject Accesss Request Policy Download (pdf, 470 KB)