Declaration of Interests for 2020 to 2021

Walsall CCG is required to make arrangements to manage conflicts and potential conflicts of interest to ensure that decisions made by the CCG will be taken and seen to be taken without any possibility of the influence of external or private interests.

The CCG is committed to being open and transparent in its decision-making policies and publishes registers for the Governing Body, Primary Care Commissioning Committee members and all other Committee/Decision-Making members.

We are pleased to report that there have been no breaches of the Conflict of Interest policy (2020/2021 to date).

All of the CCG’s governing body members, GP members, employees and any other individuals who act on the CCG’s behalf regularly update a Declaration of Interest form. Members will also raise any emerging issues or specific interests at the start of meetings, including Governing Body meetings.

Please see below to download our Register of Interests…