Our Vision, Values & Principles

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We will aim to:

  • Work with organisations and individuals who can contribute to our vision
  • Learn from what goes well and also healthcare that goes wrong
  • Base what we do on best practice while recognising other people's opinions
  • Demonstrate a culture of compassion for patient, relatives, carers and those working in healthcare and in other areas
  • Work to make sure that we have the resources to make healthcare better and fairer and to go on doing so in the future
  • Make sure we secure the best care for our patients within our allocated budget
  • Inspire others with our vision of the future and our commitment to achieving it


Our operating principles are:

  • Clinically lead the quality and safety improvements for commissioned services
  • Bring the intelligence from the consultation room into the commissioning cycle
  • Translate the commissioning intelligence from constituent practice members into the decision making process for describing the commissioning intentions of the CCG
  • Utilise a variety of effective patient and public forums that capture timely robust data to ensure that people have a positive experience of care
  • Uphold the NHS constitution

Corporate Objectives

Primary Care Commissioning - To maximise the potential of primary care through the delivery of the Primary Care Strategy incorporating the GP Five Year Forward View (FYFV)

Workforce and Operational Development - To ensure that the CCG is sustainable and is prepared for the future by continuing to engage and invest in its most important asset - the staff and members of the CCG.

Leadership - To demonstrate strong system leadership and develop partnerships that are relevant now and for a sustainable system in the future.

Governance - To maintain robust systems and processes to deliver good governance with a focus on organisational effectiveness and between organisations which share governance arrangements with the CCG.

Communications and Engagement - To increase the opportunities for the Walsall public and patients, GP members and our stakeholders to strengthen public accountability for the services that we commission through improved communication, collaboration, engagement and involvement.

Black Country and West Birmingham Commissioning - To develop clinically led commissioning arrangements that deliver value for money, encourage innovation and positive risk taking through the active participation in the Black Country and West Birmingham STP

Finance - To be financially sustainable

Commissioning - To identify and implement Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)

Quality and Safety - To aim to give everyone a positive experience of healthcare services across the system that is safe, best practice and value for money

Performance - To manage performance across the system to deliver outcomes in compliance with NHS constitution

Place Based Commissioning - To develop clinically led placed based commissioning arrangements that empower the public and patients to help them maintain and improve their own health and wellbeing especially with resilient communities and where there are high health inequalities