From 01 April 2016, NHS Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group will be delegated responsibility from NHS England to commission GP primary care services. The CCG is passionate about improving its quality across all practices and the introduction of this delegation is seen as an essential step towards expanding and strengthening primary medical care.

As such the CCG has established a Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC). The role of the committee is to make decisions on the review, planning and procurement of primary care services in Walsall, under delegated authority from NHS England.

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee will meet bi-monthly and will be held in public. All are welcome to attend and observe the meeting. The Primary Care Committee members are as followed:

  • Mike Abel – Chair (Lay member of Walsall CCG Governing Body)
  • Rachel Barber – Vice-Chair (Lay member of Walsall CCG Governing Body)
  • Matthew Hartland – CCG Chief Financial Officer
  • Sarah Shingler – Chief Nursing Officer/Director of Quality
  • Donna Macarthur – CCG Director of Primary Care & Integration
  • Carol Marston – CCG Commissioning Manager
  • Dr De – Secondary Care Consultant