BBC documentary ‘Fraud Squad – NHS’ raises awareness of NHS fraud

Fraud Squad NHS Time and Channel

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) and its partners feature in a five-part documentary series on NHS fraud running every Tuesday for five weeks, starting tonight (Tuesday 7 July 2019).

The series features a selection of recent, successful prosecutions of NHS fraud. These showcase a variety of investigators and officials of the NHSCFA, NHS Counter Fraud Service Wales, NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services, and local counter fraud services around the country. The NHSCFA’s Forensic Computing Unit also makes an appearance, as well as the police.

It highlights the counter fraud work that is undertaken at both national and local levels, as well as demonstrating the ways in which organisations work collaboratively to fight NHS fraud. It includes a call to action to report suspected NHS fraud.

If you suspect that anyone is committing fraud or another economic crime against the NHS, tell NHSCFA about it – you can call their 24-hour, confidential reporting line 0800 028 40 60 or visit their website to report online: