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Being involved in making healthcare decisions means that you can influence what kind of services are provided and that there is ‘no decision about you without you’. This page details some of the ways that you can participate in shaping healthcare commissioning in your area - if you would like this information in another format, please contact the CCG communications team on: 01922 618388.

You can be involved in three different ways:

  • Personally - making more decisions about how your own health needs are met
    Locally - helping to shape the services provided in your area or you can be involved
    Strategically - deciding what services are needed and who should provide them and how.

There are lots of ways in which you can be involved locally:

Patient Voice Panel

The Patient Voice Panel is an exciting new way for you to work with NHS Walsall CCG to better understand and help to shape local healthcare services. There is also an opportunity to share your experience of using local healthcare services.

Membership is free and you can be involved as much or as little as you like. All we ask is that you have an interest in the NHS and a passion for making things better for Walsall.  To find out more and to join have a look at our website

Join your local Patient Participation Group (PPG)

One way in which you can be involved locally is to join your local Patient Participation Group (PPG). Most GP practices across Walsall have a PPG which is made up of patients and carers who have an interest in developing local health services.
Ask at your GP practice if they have a PPG and how you can get involved. Find out more about the role of PPGs here

Patient and Stakeholder Advisory Group

The role of the NHS Walsall  CCG Patient and Stakeholder Advisory Groups to ensure the Governing Body fulfils its duty to involve patients, public and carers in decisions that are made. It includes representatives from the Governing Body, PPGs, patient membership scheme, voluntary and community sector and Healthwatch Walsall. Meeting dates and contact information can be found here.

Attend a Governing Body meeting

Anyone is welcome to attend our Governing Body meetings, which meet bi-monthly. Details of who is on the Governing Body can be found here

Dates and venues for future Governing Body meetings can be found here.

Sign up to our News Bulletin

We produce a quarterly public newsletter - 'The System Listener' - which includes local and Black Country-wide health news plus information about upcoming projects and participation opportunities. You can read our latest issue here.

If you wish to sign up to receive our newsletter by email each month, please email

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