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Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) or Patient Representative Groups (PRGs) as they are sometimes known, provide a forum for patients and carers to be involved in decisions about the range, shape and quality of services provided by their Practice.

The role of the PPG is:             

To be a 'critical friend' to the Practice

To advice the Practice on the patient perspective and rovide insight into the responsiveness and quality of service

To encourage patients to take greater responsibility for their own and their family's health

To carry out research into the views of those who use the Practice

To organise health prom otion events and improve health literacy

To provide on-going communication with the patient population

The benefits of a PPG

They can help the Practice improve its serice by:     

Providing patient feedback to the practice

Improving practice facilities (e.g. new toys for the waiting room)

Carrying out surveys to understand patients' views

They offer support to patients, including:

Offering bereavement support

Setting up carers groups

Setting up volunteer transport schemes for medical appointments

They provide information, such as:

Producing pateint newsletters for the practice

Making sure information and advice is user friendly (e.g. by providing feedback on leaflets and other materials)

They arrange special health events, for example:

Arranging for training in basic first aid for patient

Raising awareness around particular issues/illnesses or for particular cultural groups


A toolkit has been produced with our Patient Participation and Liaison Group to support PRG chairs and members to develop and maintain a successful Patient Representative Group for their GP practice.  You can view the toolkit here.

Patient Participation and Liaison Group (PPLG)

Chair's of all PRG's in Walsall are invited to attend (PPLG) meetings. The PPLG meet on a bi-monthly basis to share news and ideas on how to better carry out their role as members of PPGs. This ensures that they are kept up-to-date with NHS initiatives locally and nationally so that this information can be fed back to their PPG.

You can find all the meeting dates below along with the agenda for that meeting and supporting documents. All current meetings are due to take place at the Beechdale Life Long Centre, Stephenson Square, Walsall, WS2 7DY, from 1:30pm until 3:30pm. You can view the terms of reference here..

You can find a printable version of the meeting dates here.

For more information regarding the meetings or if you would like to register your PPG/PRG group with the CCG and receive information about public and patient involvement in Walsall, please email


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