Patient Story

What is a patient story?

A patient story is where a patient describes their experience of healthcare in their own words. 
By sharing your patient story you can help health care professionals to understand what 
was good, what was bad and what would make your experience more positive. 

You can see our latest patient story here.

How will using patient stories help us to improve local services?

Listening to patients helps us to see many things that we may not otherwise notice. This understanding can then lead to making changes that will improve care for other people.

  • Patient stories aim to: Put patients at the heart of service development and improvement
  • Identify where systems/processes need to be improved
  • Identify and share areas of good practice

What will happen to my story once I have shared it with you?

We are interested in hearing about your personal experience so that we can identify ways to continue to improve our service to patients, carers, relatives and service users here and at other sites across Walsall.

Your insights about your experience will be shared with staff across the health system and your story will be used a board level meetings.

In sharing your insights about the health system, any information that we collect about you in connection with your story will remain confidential, and will be disclosed only with your permission.

How do you get involved?

If you would like to share with us your story please email: or call us on 01922 618 388