Bring your Child to Work Day

Bring Child to Work Day

Bring your Child to Work Day

On Wednesday, we had a very successful ‘Bring your Child to work Day’, which was organised primarily by Jyoti Saini and Cody Harper.

A day of learning about the CCG was arranged for the children, which included presentations and activities from several teams.  In the afternoon, Cody had organised a fun activity to showcase the basics of the Communications workday; the children were given a Newspaper Article explaining that their favourite YouTube stars had been into Walsall and wanted to plan an event for the NHS! They were given fun worksheets to work through whilst letting their imaginations run wild, and were then faced with the task of designing a Poster to advertise the event they’d each devised!

After collating the feedback given from the children at the end of their day, we were told anonymously that 75% of them ‘Mostly enjoyed the day’, whilst 25% ‘Really enjoyed the day’. In addition, the children described the day as ‘Fun’, ‘Entertaining’, ‘Interesting’ and ‘Exhausting’.

We really hope we can continue to do this annually, as it was a great opportunity for the children to learn about the completely different job opportunities that the NHS offers!

If you work within an organisation that you think could benefit from a Bring your Child to Work Day, then follow this link to find out how you can make the most out of the experience!