NHS Walsall CCG appreciates the value that engagement and involvement brings to how healthcare services are planned, commissioned, delivered and reviewed.

Throughout 2018/19 we have continued to build and adapt our methods of listening, engaging and involving patients and the public to ensure that people’s insight and experiences influence our commissioning decisions. We have successfully engaged stakeholders, patients and the public in a range of activities to facilitate community involvement in how we design, deliver and improve local health services- from coffee afternoons to formal consultations and from our online Patient Voice Panel to our public Patient Participation Liaison Group meetings!

We continue to have ambitious plans for the future and the CCG Communications and Engagement Strategy sets out how we will achieve this. The strategy is available to view here.

Our values are at the heart of how we communicate and engage with our community and local organisations.  We commit to ensure that we are always:

  • Accessible and inclusive, to all people in our community.
  • Clear and professional, demonstrating pride and credibility.
  • Targeted, to ensure people are getting the information they need.
  • Open, honest and transparent.
  • Accurate, fair and balanced.
  • Timely and relevant.
  • Sustainable, to ensure on-going mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Two-way, we won’t just talk, we’ll listen.
  • Cost effective, always demonstrating value for money.

We know that where services are designed around the needs of patients and carers, the outcomes for both the service and the individual are improved. Working together with patients, carers and communities will increase understanding of and confidence in the NHS, and help design and deliver services that meet local needs.