Patient and Public Insight Reports

It is important the Walsall CCG uses the views and experiences of local people to help inform the planning, commissioning and improvement of healthcare services in Walsall.

To support this process the CCG introduced a new ‘Public Update Report’ in September 2019, to strengthen the patient and public voice at Board meetings. The report includes dedicated feedback and insights from the Patient Participation and Liaison Group (PPLG), and through other public engagement forums across Walsall.

The report is presented to Walsall CCG’s Public Governing Body Meetings, highlighting insights from the last two months. A selection of both narrative and statistical methods has been used to present this data to the organisation.

The report is categorised into five key areas:

  • Patient Story – video presented to the Board before the meeting which highlights the experience of a local patient.
  • Patient Voice – reports key findings from our CCG patient involvement forums/groups
  • Public involvement and insights – reports key findings from patient and public engagement and consultations, including feedback reports.
  • Communication and engagement activities – highlights activities, campaigns and marketing communications undertaken by the CCG’s Communication and Engagement Team.
  • News and digital media – reports analytics from our many digital engagement platforms

In addition, the CCG also includes Healthwatch Walsall’s Local Intelligence Report which collates patient experience into a user-friendly report.


These reports are available on our website as part of the Governing Body papers and available to download below: