You said, we did

On Thursday 30th July 2018, Walsall CCG and Walsall Council launched a four-week public engagement exercise to give Walsall residents the opportunity to give their views on the Walsall Together – Outcomes Framework. A broad range of communications and engagement methods were used to promote and facilitate feedback from the public, local stakeholders, including elected representatives, and staff. These included social media and community outreach with seldom heard groups.

Our easy-read infographic below provides an overview of how we engaged local people.

What local people told us

When discussing whether the CCG should change the way we commission and monitor services, 77% of people either strongly agreed or agreed to move to an outcome-based approach. The themes underpinning the outcomes framework were overwhelmingly supported by local people. These were

  • a healthy population
  • accessible, coordinated and responsive care
  • strong active communicates

When discussing the metrics that will be used to measure outcomes, people felt the following should be included:

  • Mental health services and care – early symptoms, alcohol dependency
  • Improve patient and public knowledge of services and how to access
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Health impact on education and social services
  • Support for loneliness

When discussing anything else that should be considered as part of the framework, people told us:

  • Better communication and liaison between health and care services including GP practices, secondary care community and voluntary services, care/nursing homes, social care.
  • Better maternity and post-natal care for mothers and their babies.
  • Lifestyle support
  • Medicine management support
  • More service provision for mental health, children with learning disabilities and autism
  • Secondary care improvements – the quality of services, waiting times, timely care and support
  • Care and support for cancer patients after treatment
  • Empowering patients to self-care


Who we spoke to

Monitoring information from the engagement exercise tells us that we spoke to a range of people from across many of our Walsall localities, with 64% of these being female. We spoke to a range of age groups when undertaking this exercise to ensure that we had a range of views, the age range spanned from 16 to over 75, with the majority of people being aged 35-59. With a diverse population, we made every effort to speak to people with different ethnicities and religions. Whilst overall the majority of people we spoke to were White British, we did capture the views of Asian/Asian British, Black/African/Caribbean/ Black British and Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups. As well as this, we also captured the views of carers and those with a long term health condition.

Walsall Together infographic

Walsall Together Outcomes Framework

Using the insights from local people the Walsall Together Partnership launch their Outcomes Framework which will help local health and care partners to set priorities and measure progress against a broad range of metrics that are important indicators of the health and wellbeing of local people.

To find out more about the Walsall Together Partnership view our dedicated webpage here.

Walsall ICP Outcomes Framework