Procedures of Lower Clinical Value

The purpose of this policy is to describe the access and exclusion criteria which the CCGs listed below will apply to Procedures of Lower Clinical Value (PoLCV).

The term ‘Procedures of Lower Clinical Value’, refers to procedures that are of value, but only in the right clinical circumstances.

The main objective for having PoLCV policies is to ensure that:
• Patients receive appropriate health treatments in the right place and at the right time
• Treatments with no or a very limited evidence base are not used
• Treatments with minimal health gain are restricted.

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Individual Funding Requests

An individual funding request can be made by the clinician treating you if they believe that because your clinical circumstances are exceptional, you may receive benefit from a treatment or service that isn’t routinely offered by the NHS.

There may be some cases where a treatment is not available because there is limited evidence for how well it works or because it is very high cost and doesn’t offer good value for money for taxpayers and the NHS.


The fax machine for the IFR Team will be disabled with effect from 31 March 2020.
Please do not send any applications, funding requests or enquiries via fax as they will not be received or processed.

Should you have a general enquiry, please call the team at:

IFR Team
Arden & GEM CSU
Kingston House
438-450 High Street
West Bromwich
B70 9LD

Office Telephone Number: 0121 611 0470

If you wish to send an IFR or treatment request, please email directly to:

Walsall CCG –

Message to patients...

“NHS Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) buys healthcare on behalf of the local population. We aim to provide fair and equal care for all patients, and like any public service, we have to stick to a budget in order to achieve this. Demand for healthcare is greater than can be funded from this fixed budget. Unfortunately, this means that some healthcare which patients might wish to receive, and which your doctor or specialist might wish to offer, cannot be funded. This is consistent with other NHS organisations who buy healthcare services for their local community, and we are always looking for the fairest ways to offer affordable, high quality care to all our patients.

This may mean that your doctor is not able to offer you a certain treatment because it would not be funded by the local NHS. Even so, your doctor is required to observe the policy, because the local NHS has put it into effect. It is the best way to ensure that local NHS funds are spent on the things that will bring greatest overall benefit to local people in a way that is affordable and fair.”