Living and Managing with a Heart Condition, Patient Voice Workshops

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Healthwatch Walsall have been commissioned by Walsall NHS Healthcare Trust and its partners to support them in delivering a programme of change in health and social care, by making sure providers know what the views are of people in Walsall. The programme is called Walsall Together.

They would like to find out your views about how people are supported and how people manage their heart condition(s).

Healthwatch Walsall are holding a series of virtual workshops at 11am on the 26th August, 2nd September and 16th September using ZOOM and would welcome people with a heart related condition or people who care for someone with a heart condition to participate.

It’s a great opportunity for people to help shape health and social care services for the future and your views really matter. ZOOM is simple to download and we will guide through it.

For further information please see the flyer below or call Paul on 07732683463.

Living with a Heart Condition - Healthwatch Poster