Opening of the Sanctuary Hub – a drop-in service providing people with a safe place to turn to for support

The Sanctuary Hub

"The Sanctuary Hub will be commencing the pilot on Wednesday 26th February – we will be opening from 5pm to welcome professionals or anyone who wishes to learn more about The Sanctuary Hub to drop-in and meet the team."

The Sanctuary Hub provides a person-centred, holistic and non-stigmatising environment. We take a strength-based, focusing on assets, independence, recovery and social inclusion with no wrong door approach.

The aim of The Sanctuary Hub is to advise and support individuals with their identified needs.

The Sanctuary Hub will initially be every Wednesday throughout February and then every Wednesday and Sunday throughout March. Eventually, the service will be provided seven days a week, 365 days a year (366 days on leap years) and will be open from 6pm -11pm weekdays and 12pm -11pm weekends (including bank holidays).

The Santuary Hub will operate as a drop-in service which provides people with a safe place to turn to for support. For all people who are feeling lonely, isolated and perhaps unable to cope, and don’t know where to turn to.

Individuals do not need a professional referral for The Sanctuary Hub; the service is open to the public to drop in for support.

Acceptance criteria:

  • They are over 18 years of age
  • They have a home to return to following The Sanctuary Hub
  • They are identified as having primary mental health needs
  • They have the capacity to make an informed decision regarding their support.
  • They are willing and able to work with staff.
  • They are not a threat to staff or others using the service
  • They do not pose such a risk that they require observation checks.
The Sanctuary Hub Poster