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Emergency Planning and Resilience & Response

Emergency planning and resilience and response (EPRR), is a statutory function under the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) 2004. All NHS organisations and healthcare providers are required to have plans and processes in place for responding effectively to a major incident.  Walsall CCG is a Category Two responder as defined by the CCA 2004. This means that the CCG is part of the response to any emergency affecting the population, in partnership with its commissioned services, NHS England, the local authority, Public Health England, the emergency services and other health bodies.

We work to continually plan for all eventualities on a West Midlands wide footprint. We have also continued to develop our emergency preparedness and maintain a close working relationship with partners, including our Category 1 responders in Walsall, to ensure a capability to respond to any incident or emergency. Previously we have held media training for all our Executive Directors followed by a training exercise to help them be prepared in the event of any future incidents. We have built on this by attending a live ‘table top’ exercise around a Pandemic Flu outbreak.

The CCG completes an annual self-assessment against EPRR core standards, participates in local and regional training, and continues to develop and improve its business continuity arrangements exploring mutual aid arrangements with other CCGs locally.

You can find our report here.