Folder Personal Health Budgets

From 1 October 2014, all individuals who are eligible for NHS Continuing Health Care (full funding of their health and personal care by the NHS) have the right to have a Personal Health Budget (PHB). This right also applies to children who meet the Children’s Continuing Care criteria.

Walsall CCG has already successfully provided PHBs to a number of people with positive feedback from them about the difference it makes to their lives to be able to decide how the budget can be best used to achieve their desired outcomes.

Traditionally, services have been provided or commissioned for those eligible for CHC from private care agencies. Personal Health Budgets are intended to enable people to have much greater choice, flexibility and control when talking to their local NHS team and the people most involved with their care to plan and agree the services and equipment that will enable them to achieve their health and wellbeing outcomes and maintain their independence.

Walsall CCG notifies all those who are newly eligible for CHC of their right to have a PHB and has notified all existing CHC eligible patients that they can have one if they wish.

Currently, PHBs are not available to people who go into care homes unless there are exceptional circumstances. This is mainly due to advantageous rates which the NHS has been able to negotiate with care homes with care homes which do not apply to individuals. 

Further information explaining what it means to have a PHB and how to obtain one, aswell as direct payment support organisations. Please see the booklets below. 

In addition to the legal duties around CHC, there is an NHS Mandate that others with a long term condition who are not eligible for CHC might benefit from having a PHB. Walsall CCG is currently considering which care groups might benefit most when PHBs are extended beyond those eligible for NHS Continuing Health Care. The roll-out of PHBs to other care groups will be publicised during 2015 / 16 and information on how to apply will be made available on this web page.