Relocation of the Urgent Care Centre


Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has announced that its Urgent Care Service in the town centre will be relocating, on the 12th of April 2019, and joining up on a single site at the Manor Hospital. This is so that patients have more immediate access to the full range of diagnostics and specialist services provided there.

This move is an early implementation of the CCG’s existing plans to move the service to a single site by 2020, and means that the service will no longer be provided from the Urgent Care Centre in the town centre.

There will be an increased number of appointments available at the Manor Hospital, in addition to the extra GP appointments that are being provided from the primary care hubs at evenings and week-ends, resulting in a significant overall rise in the number of appointments available. This is in line with the publication, released earlier this year, of the NHS Long Term Plan and best practice advice both regionally and nationally.

Walsall urgent care centre map - hospital site

Professor Simon Brake from the CCG said: “This relocation of urgent care services to a single site has been the vision of the CCG for some time and complements the CCG’s commitment to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right setting. We feel that where appropriate, people should be able to be treated out of hospital and in the community, which is why we now provide over 40,000 additional GP appointments in Walsall, on weekday evenings, weekends and bank holidays”.

“For patients with more urgent needs, it will be better for them to be seen at an urgent care centre within the hospital site, where they can access a full range of emergency services more quickly if necessary”.

Miss Ruchi Joshi, Clinical Director for Emergency Services at Walsall Healthcare Trust added, “Moving the Urgent Treatment Centre from Walsall town centre to the Manor Hospital location has a number of benefits… Urgent care staff can arrange blood tests, X-rays and scans if necessary and seek specialist opinion and refer to specialist services.”