Social Media Guidelines

Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) uses social media in its efforts to communicate clearly, quickly and in an engaging manner to people interested in our work. Our social media accounts are managed by the Communications and Engagement team.


Social media content delivered by Walsall CCG includes (but is not limited to):

  • Links to news releases, videos, guidance and other approved, publicly available NHS material.
  • Links to relevant information produced and published elsewhere (work of other NHS organisations, patient organisations, researchers, news organisations and others).
  • This can include videos, blog posts, and retweets from other social media users.
  • Interesting facts, quotes or observations related to our work or those affecting the local community.
  • Topical questions related to our work intended to provoke discussion.

Social Media as a source of Official Policy

Our social media posts should not be considered as the authoritative source of new policy or guidance from Walsall CCG. Any change in Walsall CCG’s official position on legislation, guidance, investigations and audits will be communicated through more traditional channels such as: official publications and statements on our website and media releases.

Importantly, our decision to retweet or share posts from other social media users should not be taken as explicit endorsement of any position or argument that may vary from Walsall CCG’s official current position, nor should it be taken as an indication of a possible shift in the current official position.


We commit to updating and monitoring our social media accounts during regular office hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm GMT. However, we may monitor and respond at other times of the day. We accept no responsibility for lack of service due to downtime.

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Walsall CCG’s decision to follow particular social media users does not imply endorsement of any kind. We follow accounts on social media we believe to be relevant to our work.

This extends to following the social media accounts of companies and other commercial enterprises (and/or their employees) who comment on issues related to Walsall CCG.

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Prolific and/or consistently negative Users

We reserve the right to not respond to a user who is being overly prolific, consistently negative, or use abusive or offensive language. Where necessary we will take further action.

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Tweets that we retweet on Twitter do not imply endorsement on the part of the CCG. We may retweet news, links and personal observations we believe are relevant to the work we do and to those in the local community.

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Replies and Direct Messages

We will read all Replies and Direct Messages sent to us and, where possible and appropriate, will aim to respond.

Freedom of Information Requests, Complaints, Media Requests and Personal Issues

In regards to making a complaint, media request or freedom of information request (FOI), we encourage you to follow the traditional channels. We are unable to give individual medical advice via social media. Where possible, we will suggest where queries can be redirected or where further information is available e.g. NHS Choices.

Legislation and Related Documents for Staff

In general, the Head of Communications and Engagement and the subsequent Comms Officers are responsible for the majority of the CCG’s digital presence, in order to improve and co-ordinate internal and external information and communications. However, if, for any reason, any other staff member wishes to utilise our Social Media platforms, then please seek our Social Media Guidelines within the Staff Intranet…

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