Maternity Services

Changes to maternity services at Walsall Manor Hospital

NHS Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Walsall Healthcare Trust have put in place measures to ensure the safety and stability of maternity services at Walsall Manor Hospital.  

This decision has been jointly agreed by health partners in Walsall with clinical advice from the Maternity Network, local GPs and midwives. The decision has also been shared with Healthwatch Walsall and Walsall Health and Wellbeing Board.

The changes have been in place since the week commencing the 21st March 2016 and will initially affect newly expectant women who are registered within a specific geographical area in Staffordshire and Walsall. Those women affected in Walsall, will be those patients registered with a Walsall GP to the west of Walsall. On booking with their GP, newly expectant women will be signposted to maternity care services at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust instead of Walsall Manor Hospital.

The full list of Walsall GP surgeries affected is as follows;

These GP practices have been considered following a fully completed quality risk assessment and geographically are closer in distance to the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

Some women, who are already booked into Walsall Manor Hospital, are also being reviewed to see their suitability to be redirected to an alternative trust. Anywomen, who will be impacted by the changes, will be contacted well in advance of the expected date of birth.

NHS Walsall CCG and Trust are working closely with other local health trusts and local and neighbouring GPs to communicate these changes to all expectant mums and health professionals.

Please take a look below at some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the move of some maternity services from the Walsall Manor Hospital to the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust. 

This comes following recent feedback in a Care Quality Commission (CQC) Hospital Inspection report and maternity services at the hospital being rated as ‘inadequate’. There are a number of factors that have had an impact on the quality of maternity services at Walsall Manor Hospital:

  • Over the past few years there has been an increasing birth rate which last year meant nearly 5000 babies were born in the hospital and an increasing demand for neonatal cots required per day.
  • The closure of some maternity services and birth restrictions at other neighbouring trusts, has also led to more women choosing Walsall Manor Hospital for their maternity care.
  • The Trust has been working to maintain safe staffing levels on a 24/7 basis across this service, despite very real challenges with recruitment.  Even with recent recruitment, staffing levels have not kept pace with the increase in activity.

To stabilise the maternity service and to ensure that every Walsall mother and baby gets effective high quality care, the number of births at the hospital will be reduced.