TV Spotlight for Walsall Pharmacist and CCG Prescribing Adviser

Last night on Birmingham TV, Davinder Dhahan, Community Pharmacist here in Walsall, and Jyoti Saini, Prescribing Adviser at the CCG, had the opportunity to promote the national self-care agenda to an audience of 190,000 people living in Birmingham, Black Country and Solihull.

Several weeks ago, Jyoti and Davinder were involved in a social media campaign here in Walsall to explain how NHS England has made changes to the types of medicines available on prescription for minor illnesses and ailments. In this video, Jyoti and Davinder explain why this change is needed and how you can help the NHS by self caring and buying certain items over the counter. This has been extremely successful so far, with it reaching the Facebook News Feed of around 16,500 users, with over 8,500 views. To view this original video, please click here.

This brings us up to last night, where Jyoti and Davinder were able to jump back in front of the camera and continue to promote this new Self-care agenda. Once again, Jyoti has made us very proud at the CCG and conducted herself extremely well in the interview.

To see for yourself, please click here to watch the video through Birmingham TV’s Facebook page.