Walsall needs more men to start donating blood

Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group is supporting the NHS New Year appeal for more men to start donating blood in Walsall.

Over the last 12 months, 1341 people started donating blood in Walsall, and their donations will save and improve lives.

However, there is a national shortage of new male donors. Only 43% of England’s blood donors are now male. It’s vital for more men to get started giving blood to get the balance right.

Men are particularly important donors for two reasons. Men can donate more often because they have higher iron levels. Men’s blood can be used in more ways – some of them are extraordinary. For example, only men’s blood is used for complete blood transfusions in newborn babies.

“This is about the future. The NHS needs to strengthen its blood donor base, by getting more men to start donating blood, so they go on to become regular donors in the years to come. You can help in Walsall by registering as a new blood donor today.”

NHS Blood and Transplant currently supply all the blood hospitals require, but it needs more young men to start giving blood to ensure there is a strong enough donor base in the long term.

Nadine Eaton, Head of Blood Donor recruitment at NHS Blood and Transplant said: “We need more men to register as new blood donors in Walsall this new year. Ordinary people can become extraordinary life-savers when they donate blood. If you can’t find an appointment right away don’t worry – your blood will do extraordinary things if you donate in a few weeks instead.”

Become a blood donor at www.blood.co.uk.