Integrated Health and Care Teams

Health and Care partners in Walsall have identified the development of Integrated Health and Care Teams as a key transformation project.

The key objective of the project is to establish place-based structures for the delivery of integrate health and care services with an agreed Geography and relationship to general practice.

The aim of the project is:

  1. To help people to stay well for longer
  2. To better manage people with long term conditions
  3. To provide community alternatives for people with urgent care needs

To develop the Integrated Health and Care Teams (IHCTs) to enable them to deliver the objectives and outcomes outlined above, there has been a need to assess and build upon key competences from Primary Care, Community Services, Mental Health services, the voluntary sector and Social Care. The role of IHCTs will be extended from one of separate providers of clinical and social care services to one team, working in partnership with GP Practices, which is accountable for the health and health outcomes for a defined population group.

The teams will be ‘place based’ and as such, their implementation will bring significant benefit in terms of single multi-disciplinary / multi service teams, coterminous with the GP practices, providing services which are appropriate to the local population need and demand.

To ensure that the teams are fit for purpose, the geographical areas have been split to ensure that there is no ‘place’ which has a greater population of 50,000 as per best practice guidance.

The Community nursing teams have now relocated into the new structure, and caseloads have been aligned accordingly. Whilst there has been a great deal of joint working between Health and Social Care, plans are now in place to fully integrate Social Care services into the teams, with a view to bringing Mental Health into the teams in the next financial year.

We are in the process of planning Team Development sessions to build on the work completed to date and shape how the teams will work; these sessions will encompass all elements of the team including Community nursing, GP’s, Social Care, Mental Health and the Voluntary sector.