Single point of access

Patients and professionals tell us they have difficulty navigating their way to and through the numerous services. They have problems accessing general practice and the information held by patients and professionals about different services is often out of date.

The key aims for this project are as follows:

  • To reduce the number of ‘Single Access’ points in the system to reduce confusion and avoid patients being signposted to from one service to another service. Instead patients and professionals will have one point of access.
  • A Directory of Services that map out the services available and how to get access to them in a timely way for both the public and professionals
  • The system should be designed to ensure rapid and timely access to planned care, outpatient appointments and diagnostics with a more prevalent use of telemedicine
  • The primary care system should be developed to ensure that all patients are able to access high quality primary care in a timely manner irrespective of where they live in Walsall
  • Consistent best practice to care pathways with no unnecessary variation and waste.

Good progress is already being made by the project team.  An overarching delivery plan that is aligned to the Black Country Sustainability and Transformation Plan, NHS 111 and GP out of hours contracts, but maintaining flexibility for Walsall to deliver to the requirements of our local population, is now being developed.